Glock Repair

Even Glock pistols can malfunction or break down over time and whether you are a private owner or a member of a security or police force, you want to be sure that your Glock can be trusted to work when you need it. Our team specializes in providing repairs to all the parts of your Glock pistols so that they work like brand new in record time. For the very best in reliable Glock repairs and parts, give us a call or, stop by the gun show and see us.

Glock Modifications

The Glock pistol is a is such a reliable handgun that it is used by security agencies and police forces in nearly 50 countries. But even as reliable as the Glock is, it can still be be made even better with modifications to fit the individual shooter. All the while, still guaranteeing its reliability and accuracy in case of an emergency. Whether you own a Glock privately or as part of your career, you can trust us to handle all the modifications you need. Grip reduction and stippling to better fit your hand, new front, rear or RMR sights to help you with better accuracy or, an aftermarket trigger kit for a crisp cleaner break. Let us know what you're looking for or what you don't like about your stock Glock and we can point you in the right direction!

Glock Parts

Our shop guarantees to have the Glock parts you need to do your own maintenance and repairs on your pistol. We only sell and install quality parts that we know to be reliable and that are made here in the USA. Basically, if we won't put the parts in our own Glock, we won't don't sell them. No matter what part needs repairs, adjusting, or replacing, our shop is the one-stop location for all your Glock needs.

Firearm Repair

Even the best cared for pistols, rifles, and other firearms will breakdown from wear and tear over time. Without the tools to maintain your equipment, you may be at a loss for how to get your firearms back to peak functioning condition. But for firearm owners like you, we are the best solution around. Our team are experts at providing firearm repairs for all types of firearms, and will be able to provide tuning, fixes, or replacements for any parts of your firearms that need it. So visit us today for the industry best in firearms repairs.

Firearms Parts

Whether you are an experienced DIY gunsmith or someone who wants to make minor repairs from the comfort of their own home, there’s no better place to purchase Firearm parts than from our own shop. Custom barrels, sights, grips, triggers, and more can be found on our shelves along with all the tools you need to make your adjustments and repairs when you need them. Best of all is that our team knows guns and can help you find the right parts for your firearms, no matter what make, brand, or design. So visit us today to get the firearm parts you need.

Custom Refinishing

The finish you add to a firearm delivers a strong message about how seriously you take your firearms and about your attention to detail and your insistence on quality. So if you want to have custom work done on your pistol to give it a look that’s uniquely yours, then give our shop a visit. Our team of gunsmiths will work with you to discover the ideal finish for you and will provide fast and reliable adjustments so that you can get your firearm back with its brand new finish in record time. Visit us today to learn more.


Keeping your firearm safely secured on your person is one of the most critical aspects of gun safety and handling. Our shop offers an array of holsters, designed for a variety of guns and also designed to fit a variety of body types. We can help you choose a holster that is right for you and your firearm and show you how to holster and draw safely while wearing your firearm. So come by and speak with our firearm experts today!


When you need new magazines for your firearms, whether it is a Glock or AR15 type rifle, we have what you are looking for. Our store carries a variety of CA compliant magazines for your weapons If we don't have what you want on hand, we can get it for you! Quality magazines at affordable prices, backed with friendly service is what you get when you purchase though us!


Take your shooting game to the next level, whether you shoot for fun, sport, or competition, and get a high-end optics or sight for your firearm. We offer a range of options and there is something for just about every type of firearm, so no matter what you have you can find the sight piece that will improve your accuracy and shooting performance. Even the most seasoned marksman can benefit from improved sight and accuracy so see for yourself the difference our optic sights can make in your shooting game!